New to KINSpirit

Here we have a snapshot of the latest additions to our collection of Iris, Louisiana Water Iris and Daylilies.

Please be patient as we update over the coming weeks.

Catalogues have yet to be upgraded to include these new varieties, but will be in time for  our distribution of the plants involved.Cultural notes are supplied with all plants purchased.


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'Danielle' Louisiana Water Iris

NAME : ‘Danielle’ Louisiana Water Iris ( Marvin Granger, R. 1988). DESCRIPTION : Standards light pink; Falls dusty rose pink; light greenish yellow signal. 18″ (46 cm), Early to midseason bloom.  PRICE: $7 EACH OR 3 FOR $18

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'Dazzling Star' Louisiana Water Iris

NAME : ‘Dazzling Star’ Louisiana Water Iris (John C. Taylor, R. 1986). DESCRIPTION :Standards pink magenta blended with cream, edged cream; Falls pink magenta edged cream, yellow green signal on Standards and Falls. 35″ (90 cm). Midseason to late bloom. PRICE : $7 EACH OR 3 FOR $18

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'Desert Jewel' Louisiana Water Iris

NAME : ‘Desert Jewel’ Louisiana Water Iris (John C. Taylor R. 1991). DESCRIPTION : Brown gold, Standards marbled gold. 39″ (100 cm). Midseason bloom. PRICE : $10 EACH OR 3 FOR $25

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Dune Drift daylily

Name : Dune Drift daylily (Kirchhoff D 1979) Description : Peach and honey blend self with pale green throat. Semi evergreen. 28″ height Price : $7

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Forty Second Street daylily

Name : Forty Second Street daylily (Kirchhoff D 1991) Description : Pastel pink with bright rose eyezone above yellow to green throat. Doubles. Evergreen. Midseason. 24″ height. Price : $15 each Unavailable at present

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'Full Eclipse' Louisiana Water Iris

NAME : ‘Full Eclipse’ Louisiana Water Iris ( Ben Hager, R. 1977). DESCRIPTION : Dark violet self.  38″ (97 cm), Midseason bloom PRICE : $15 EACH OR 3 FOR $40

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'Gilt Ingot' Louisiana Water Iris

NAME : ‘Gilt Ingot’ Louisiana Water Iris (T. J. Betts, R. 2015)  Available Feb 2021. DESCRIPTION : Standards golden yellow; style arms yellow; Falls golden yellow, 3 small green dagger signals.  31.5″ (80 cm), Midseason bloom. PRICE : $15 EACH OR 3 FOR $40

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Grace Pierce Daylily

Name : Grace Pierce Daylily (Pierce-trimmer 2000) Description : Lavender pink self above green throat. Evergreen. Early season. Rebloom. 26″ height Price : $15

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'Grandson Luke' Louisiana Water Iris

NAME : ‘Grandson Luke’ Louisiana Water Iris (T. J. Betts, R. 2010).  Available Feb 2021. DESCRIPTION : Standards dark red-violet; style arms pale green infused red-violet, crests flecked reddish on buff, large, upright, very serrated; Falls dark beetroot-red violet, matte finish, rims paler, serrated; petals reflexed; slight sweet fragrance.  30″ (76 cm), Midseason bloom. PRICE : $15 EACH OR 3 FOR $40

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Name: HERITAGE BURGUNDY Description: Rich, deep burgundy at haft, yellow beards Price: $5.00 each or 3 for $13.00

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