New to KINSpirit – Daylilies

Here we have a snapshot of the latest additions to our collection of Day lilies.

Please be patient as we update over the coming weeks.

There will be a catalogue, yet to be created, that will include these new varieties,  in time for  our distribution of the plants involved.  Cultural notes are supplied with all plants purchased.



Day Lilies ***


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Angels Tears daylily

Name : Angel Tears Daylily (McKinney 1971) Description : Near white self with green throat. Semi evergreen. Early season rebloom. 24″ height Price : $10

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Bourbon Street daylily

Name : Bourbon Street daylily (Petit 2003) Description : Black with gold edge above a green throat. Midseason,  rebloom. Fragrant. Semi evergreen. 27″ height. Price : $10 each   Currently unavailable 

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Coowee Fairy Daylily

Name : COOEE FAIRY daylily (Flanders, 1985) Description : Lemon self with chartreuse throat. Evergeen. Midseason blooms. 24″ Price : $15

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Darla Anita daylily

Name : Darla Anita daylily (Kinnebrew J 1999) Description : Lavender blend with gold edge above green throat. Evergreen. Early-Midseason bloom. 30″ height Price : $15

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Dune Drift daylily

Name : Dune Drift daylily (Kirchhoff D 1979) Description : Peach and honey blend self with pale green throat. Semi evergreen. 28″ height Price : $7

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Forty Second Street daylily

Name : Forty Second Street daylily (Kirchhoff D 1991) Description : Pastel pink with bright rose eyezone above yellow to green throat. Doubles. Evergreen. Midseason. 24″ height. Price : $15 each *Unavailable at present

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Grace Pierce Daylily

Name : Grace Pierce Daylily (Pierce-trimmer 2000) Description : Rosy pink self above green throat. Evergreen. Early season. Rebloom. 26″ height Price : $15

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Hot Scheme daylily

Name : Hot Scheme daylily Description : Red with gold edge self and gold to green throat. Semi evergreen. Midseason bloom, rebloom. 28″ height Price : $15

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Knave daylily

Name : Knave daylily (Munson RW 1971) unavailable at present Description :  Rose red self with cream throat. Evergreen. Midseason bloom. 26″ height Price : $15

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Lullaby Baby Daylily

Name : LULLABY BABY daylily (Spalding W, 1975) Description:  Light peach pink with green throat. Semi-evergreen.  Fragrant. 19″ Early to midseason blooms. Price : $7  

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Magic Filigree daylily

Name : Magic Filigree daylily (Salter 1988) Description : Beautiful dark lavender with light amber halo, and yellow green throat. Midseason,  rebloom. Semi evergreen. 24″ height. Price : $10    currently unavailable 

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Mask Ball Daylily

Name : Mask Ball daylily (Munson RW 1974) Description : Peach mauve with purple eyezone and gold throat. Midseason.  Evergreen. 30″ height. Price :   $10            Currently unavailable

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Name : NIGHT WINGS daylily (Williams 1985) Description: Black red self with yellow-green throat. Early season blooms. 30″ Price : $10 each

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***PIXIE PARASOL (miniature)

Pixie Parasol daylily miniature

Name : Pixie Parasol daylily miniature  (Hudson 1975) Description : Bright yellow with green throat. Semi evergreen. Early to midseason blooms, rebloom. Only 14″ high. Price : $10 each   currently unavailable

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Sabbath daylily

Name : Sabbath Daylily (Guidry 1981) Description : Cream gold blend with green throat. Copper red inner. Very fragrant. Evergreen. Early season, rebloom. Price : $7 each

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Name : SPACECOAST STARBURST daylily (Kinnebrew J, 1998) Description : Pink lavender blend with gold edge and yellow halo above yellow throat. Ruffled. Evergreen. early to midseason bloom. Rebloom. 25″ Price : $15 each

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***WILLY RUA (miniature)

Willy Rue miniature daylily

Name : Willy Rua miniature daylily (Hudson 1981) Description : Rose self with yellow gold eyezone and green throat. Midseason bloom. Evergreen. 18″ height. Price: $10 each   Currently unavailable  

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Zemboanga daylily

Name : Zemboanga Daylily (Blyth 1985) Description : Tomato red self with gold green throat. Early season, rebloom. Dormant. 36″ height Price : $10

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