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Back to the Hub Market!

Hey folks, BREAKING NEWS! For the first time since Covid hit our area, we are pleased to announce our return to the Hub Market at Wingham Showground this Saturday, come rain or shine! See here for market details. We’ll be there early but the market starts officially at 8am til 1pm, and we hope to see …

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Spring is coming!

Hello again!  I hope you’re all enjoying these slightly warmer days!?  The countdown is on to our official Spring season… At our farm, we have the Winter Iris still flowering and the Bearded Iris just starting to catch up, with buds increasing by the day, along with all the other Spring bulbs dotted round the …

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Plant Collector’s Fair latest

Use Your NSW Discovery Voucher for this event! At  or Click here for more information! We have got lots of iris and other goodies for you.. Hope to see you there over the weekend..  

'Blue Mountain Mist' Louisiana Water Iris


Name : ‘Blue Mountain Mist’ Louisiana Water Iris  (Bernard Pryor, R. 2006). Description: Standards and falls pale sky blue, fine white rim, white reverse; style arms ice blue, white tips; signals yellow blotch overlaid golden orange steeple on Falls; triangular form; slight fragrance. 28″ (71 cm), Midseason late bloom. Price : $20 each

'Grandson Luke' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘Grandson Luke’ Louisiana Water Iris (T. J. Betts, R. 2010). DESCRIPTION : Standards dark red-violet; style arms pale green infused red-violet, crests flecked reddish on buff, large, upright, very serrated; Falls dark beetroot-red violet, matte finish, rims paler, serrated; petals reflexed; slight sweet fragrance.  30″ (76 cm), Midseason bloom. PRICE : $15 EACH

'High Rank' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘High Rank’ Louisiana Water Iris ( Mary Dunn, R. 1990). DESCRIPTION : Standards henna red infusion over gold ground, light edge; style arms lime green; Falls deeper henna red infusion over gold base, light serrated edge, yellow green signal. 36″ (91 cm), Midseason bloom. PRICE : $10 EACH

'Imagined Oceans' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘Imagined Oceans’ Louisiana Water Iris (Peter Jackson, R. 2007) DESCRIPTION : Standards medium blue-violet, fine blue-white edge, fine gold-lemon line signals; Falls same, signals deep gold grading to lemon spray pattern; style arms lemon fading to white, ruffled tip; ruffled, slightly recurved.  49″ (125 cm), Early midseason bloom. PRICE : $20 EACH

'Seasick Pat' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘Seasick Pat’ Louisiana Water Iris  (T. J. Betts, R. 2015) DESCRIPTION : Standards white, veined light violet; style arms violet, paler edge; falls light violet ground, veined darker violet, green-gold spear signals; veined neglecta; slight catty fragrance. 35″ (89 cm), Midseason bloom. PRICE : $15 EACH