New to KINSpirit – Louisianas

'Blue Mountain Mist' Louisiana Water Iris


Name : ‘Blue Mountain Mist’ Louisiana Water Iris  (Bernard Pryor, R. 2006). Description: Standards and falls pale sky blue, fine white rim, white reverse; style arms ice blue, white tips; signals yellow blotch overlaid golden orange steeple on Falls; triangular form; slight fragrance. 28″ (71 cm), Midseason late bloom. Price : $20 each

'Grandson Luke' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘Grandson Luke’ Louisiana Water Iris (T. J. Betts, R. 2010). DESCRIPTION : Standards dark red-violet; style arms pale green infused red-violet, crests flecked reddish on buff, large, upright, very serrated; Falls dark beetroot-red violet, matte finish, rims paler, serrated; petals reflexed; slight sweet fragrance.  30″ (76 cm), Midseason bloom. PRICE : $15 EACH

'High Rank' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘High Rank’ Louisiana Water Iris ( Mary Dunn, R. 1990). DESCRIPTION : Standards henna red infusion over gold ground, light edge; style arms lime green; Falls deeper henna red infusion over gold base, light serrated edge, yellow green signal. 36″ (91 cm), Midseason bloom. PRICE : $10 EACH

'Imagined Oceans' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘Imagined Oceans’ Louisiana Water Iris (Peter Jackson, R. 2007) DESCRIPTION : Standards medium blue-violet, fine blue-white edge, fine gold-lemon line signals; Falls same, signals deep gold grading to lemon spray pattern; style arms lemon fading to white, ruffled tip; ruffled, slightly recurved.  49″ (125 cm), Early midseason bloom. PRICE : $20 EACH

'Seasick Pat' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘Seasick Pat’ Louisiana Water Iris  (T. J. Betts, R. 2015) DESCRIPTION : Standards white, veined light violet; style arms violet, paler edge; falls light violet ground, veined darker violet, green-gold spear signals; veined neglecta; slight catty fragrance. 35″ (89 cm), Midseason bloom. PRICE : $15 EACH

'Tamarillo Tango' Louisiana Water Iris


NAME : ‘Tamarillo Tango’ Louisiana Water Iris (Peter Jackson, R. 2005) DESCRIPTION : Standards pink, marbled burgundy pink, fine cream edge; style arms green, heavily washed burgundy pink; Falls medium burgundy pink, fine cream edge, green gold signal patch, variable on Standards; ruffled.  45″ (115 cm), Early, midseason, late bloom. PRICE : $20 EACH